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ODS Board Composition Policy ΒΆ

In standing up and sustaining the ODS Board, the current ODS Board:

  • MUST decide the number of board positions;
  • MUST select individuals to fill open board positions for three-year terms;
  • SHOULD stagger board terms to avoid more than half the board turning over in any given year;
  • SHOULD aim for geographic, demographic, and organizational diversity; and
  • SHOULD aim for the majority of board members to come from transit agencies.

Individuals serving on the ODS Board:

  • MUST serve as individuals, not organization representatives;
  • SHOULD offer their resignation with significant professional changes, like switching industries;
  • MAY be removed by a majority vote of the ODS Board for infractions including but not limited to not upholding the ODS Code of Conduct or their ODS Board responsibilities.