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ODS Board Decision Policy

The ODS Board will be required to act from time-to-time in order to make official ODS Project decisions such as (but not limited to):

ODS Board Decisionmaking shall be subject to:

  • A vote MAY be called by any ODS Board member, the ODS Board Coordinator, or the ODS Program Manager at any time.
  • ODS Board decisions MUST be approved by two thirds of the non-abstaining members at the time of the vote.
  • Voting MAY be done by email or other written form of communication.
  • ODS Board members MAY abstain from any vote.
  • ODS Board members MUST abstain from any vote where they have a direct conflict of interest where they would personally financially benefit; although they are encouraged to state their position on a topic at hand.

Governance Documentation

The ODS Board Coordinator, MUST make sure all governance documents and ODS Board Decisions are up-to-date and stored in the ODS Repository.